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McdVoice Customer Satisfaction Survey of McDonald’s aims to improve the quality of the restaurant and ensure that its customer satisfaction is up to the par. The McdVoice survey at would ask you to answer a couple of questions about your experience at the restaurant which would help them improve their quality and let you earn a discount coupon which can be redeemed the next time you visit McDonald’s.  

Let’s just admit that we all love McDonald’s and we don’t mind spending a few bucks to have one of its delicious meals anytime but what if you are told that just a couple of clicks and few minutes of your time could earn you up to five discount coupons per month at your favorite fast-food chain. That sounds amazing doesn’t it? Here in this blog I am sharing the details about McdVoice and how you can take part in McdVoice Survey at 

McdVoice Survey Eligibility

  • Age Requirements: The age requirement for taking part in the McdVoice Survey is 15 years or higher.
  • Must be a Resident: Only residents of the United States of America and Canada can take part in McDonalds survey.
  • Survey Limits: Up to Five surveys per month can be taken per month at
  • Redemption: The redemption date of coupons is thirty days, you are not allowed to use coupons that are older than 30 days there is no extension for voucher codes. Must check the date before taking part in McdVoice Survey.
  • Not Eligible for Survey: You should not be a close family member of an employee of McDonald’s to take part in the McDonalds survey.
  • Receipt: The receipt required to take part in the survey should not be older than one week.
  • Language: The McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey is available in English and Spanish so it is important that you are familiar with one of these languages to complete the survey successfully. 

How to Take McdVoice Survey at in 2020

Surveys are a great tool for businesses to know their customers more and cater to their needs accordingly. McDvoice survey of the fast-food chain McDonalds also aims to improve the quality of the restaurant and ensure that its customer satisfaction is up to the par. Below mention are the important poind that you must consider before take part in McdVoice Survey:

mcdvoice survey

  1. Valid receipt: First of all, you will need a valid receipt from one of the branches of McDonald’s which should not be older than seven days.
  2. Once you have the valid receipt of your Mcdonald’s last visit, go to to take part in the McDVoice Customer Survey survey.
  3. Language: Once you are on the main page choose the language of your choice. McdVoice Survey is available in two languages which are English and Spanish. So before filling the survey you must have understanding of these languages.
  4. 26 Digit Code: Now you will be asked to enter the 26 digit code printed on the top of your receipt. After entering the survey code proceed to the next page by clicking the ‘START’ button.
  5. McdVoice Survey Questions: Clicking start will begin the McdVoice Customer Survey and you will be asked a couple of questions like:
      • How is the behavior of the staff
      • Quality of the food
      • Accuracy of the order placed
      • Cleanliness of the McDonald’s etc.
  6. McdVoice Survey Code: Make sure to answer all the questions honestly as it will help the McDonalds to improve its quality. Once you have completed the survey and answered all the questions click “Finish”. Now you will be provided with a coupon validation mcdvoice survey code.
  7. Redeeming the Coupon code: Write the mcdvoice survey code somewhere safe and show it at the counter the next time you visit McDonald’s and you will get the discount which you were promised on your bill.

McdVoice Survey Alternate Method if the Digit Code is not present

If your receipt does not have the 26-digit code mentioned on it click “If you do not have a 26- digit mcdvoice  code printed on your receipt, click here” on the bottom right of the screen.

This will take you to the next page where you will be asked to enter Store #, KS #, Date of Visit, Order # and amount spent. All these details will be mentioned on your receipt. Enter the details and press “Start”. 

Purpose of McdVoice

The survey is designed for the sole purpose of improving the quality of the fast food chain so it can improve its quality and increase the satisfaction level of its customers.

It is important for the restaurant that all the questions asked in the survey are answered with honesty as the honest opinion of the customers will help the restaurant focus on all the issues faced by the customers and resolve the issues to sustain the relationship with its valued customers long term.

McDonald’s takes care of its customers and hence it is offering up to five discount coupons in a month for completing the survey and providing their honest feedback. 

About McDonald’s

Founded in 1940 the Mcdonald’s corporation is now the world’s highest earning revenue fast food chain. The fast food chain has a wide variety of items in its menu including breakfast items, milkshakes, ice creams, wraps, fries and burgers, smoothies, fish and salad.

It is also one of the biggest private employers in the world ranking at number two after Walmart. The restaurant caters for the needs of all its customers worldwide by offering the products the people of a certain geographic location are more inclined towards for instance soup is served in Asia and due to religious prohibition of beef in India it is not served there.

Beer is served in certain European countries and in Germany. The restaurant also has specific meals for kids and special playgrounds made for children to entice kids while adults enjoy their food.

McdVoice Contact Number

McdVoice Toll Free: 1-800-244-6227

Timings: 7 Days a Week 7:00am to 19:00pm

Address: McDonald’s Corp. 2111 Dr. Oal Brook. IL 60523