MyBKexperience Survey at 2020


Who wouldn’t want a Burger King Free Whopper Sandwich or Original Chicken Sandwich  free meal for just a couple of clicks and that too from one of the biggest fast food restaurants in the world. The burger king is here to satisfy your cravings by giving you a chance to get your favorite meal free by carrying out a short MyBKexperience survey at

The whooper was introduced in 1957 and has been the signature product of Burger King ever since. Now you have the chance to eat the mouthwatering whooper by following a few simple steps which are explained in detail below, it will hardly take a few minutes and get you the burger king’s signature product, a whooper which is totally worth it.

Eligibility for Mybkexperience Survey

Mybkexperience free whopper survey will help understand the fast food franchise about your latest experience with them. The survey can be taken out oat, Once you have successfully completed the survey you will be provided with a free coupon upon the redemption of which you will be able to get a free delicious whooper. 

There are certain things which should be taken under consideration before taking out the survey. 

    1. Valid Receipt: The Purchase receipt must be from a Burger King outlet. The receipt should not be too old or the restaurant might not accept it. It is advisable to carry out the survey within 30 days once you get the receipt and make sure a survey code is mentioned on it. 
    2. Age Requirement: Only one survey can be carried out per receipt and the age requirement for entering the survey is 18 years or above. 
    3. Must have Internet Connection: It is important to have a stable internet connection while taking out the MY BK experience survey to avoid any inconvenience. 
    4. Language Selection: The survey can be carried out in three languages English, French and Spanish so it’s important that you are familiar with either of these languages to carry out the Burger King survey properly.
    5. Employee is Not Eligible: An employee of the company or a close family member cannot take part in the survey.
    6. Don’t be Shy: It is important for the restaurant to receive honest feedback from its customers so it could ensure customer satisfaction so don’t be shy.
    7. Must be US Resident: Individuals taking part in the mybkexperience survey must be legal residents of the United States of America.
    8. Fill Carefully: Take special care while filling out the form as mistakes made while completing the survey as you might not be able to take the survey again if there are any errors.  

How to Take MyBkExperience Survey in 2020

In today’s face paced world surveys are a great tool for businesses to know their customers better and help them improve their services and products. Like most of the fast food chains out there, Burger king has also decided to carry out the survey by the name of MyBKexperience survey to ensure its customers satisfaction and reward them with its signature product, a Free whopper, a Chicken Sandwich or a Croissant Which once they have carried out the Burger King survey properly.


The steps for taking part in the mybkexperience Free Whopper Survey are quite simple. 

    1. Visit First of all, you should have the Purchase receipt in your hand that you received from Burger king outlet on your last visit. Once you have the receipt you need to go to to fill out the Burger King survey. 
    2. Language: The Default language on website is English you can change if you want to fill out Burger King Survey in other languages like French and Spanish. 
    3. Restaurant Number: After selecting language now enter the restaurant number which would be mentioned on the top of the receipt from your recent visit to the Burger King. After  entering Restaurant Number Click on “NEXT” Button
    4. MyBkExperience survey code: After click “Next” and you will be asked to enter the MyBkExperience survey code, the survey code will be mentioned at the bottom of your receipt. Now you will be asked to provide some honest feedback and answer the questions asked which would be taken into serious consideration and help burger king improve its customer satisfaction. 
    5. Burger King Survey Questions: As MyBkExperience Survey is about the customer satisfaction its really important for Burger King to get the honest feedbacks from the customers and now its your right to answer all the questions according to your views. The questions asked on the survey would be about the:
      • Quality of the food
      • quantity is sufficient for the price
      • Overall hygiene of the restaurant,
      • Behavior of the burger king staff to the customers
      • Has there been any mistakes and whether the customer received wrong orders
      • The delivery time of the order
      • Your overall experience with the Burger King fast food restaurant. 
    6. Coupon Code: Once you have answered all the questions and submit the form you will be provided with a coupon code which can be used to get you a Free Whopper. 

Just follow these steps of Burger King Survey and you are just a couple of clicks away from enjoying your free delicious whooper. Happy munching everyone.

About Burger King 

Burger king is one of the biggest fast food restaurants in the world with its headquarters in Miami, Florida United States. Founded in 1953 by the name of Insta- Burger king the company changed its name to Burger King in 1954 after going through a phase of financial difficulties and was purchased by its two Miami based franchises David Edgerton and James McLamore.

The restaurant was not doing that well before the 2000s because of unsuccessful advertising campaigns however in 2003 the whole advertising structure of the company was reorganized after which turned out to be highly successful.

Over the years the restaurant has introduced various product which includes burgers, chicken, fish and variety of salads. The signature product of Burger King is the “Whooper” which was introduced in the year 1957 and is signature product of the restaurant ever since. As of 2013 it was the second largest fast food restaurant in the world and its number continues to grow.

Contact Burger King

Here you can contact with Burger King Customer services if you have any questions about mybkexperience Survey 2020.

  • Toll Free: 1866-394-2493
  • Mailing Address: Burger King Corporation c/o Service Management Group 1737 McGee Street Kansas City, MO 64108 USA
  • Website: