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Whenever someone says the word chicken, the very first place which pops up in your head is KFC and why wouldn’t it, Kentucky fried chicken has been treating our taste buds with its magical recipe of fried chicken since 1952. Now the famous fast food chain has created an online survey “Mykfcexperience” on and giving a chance to its customers to win coupons through the KFC survey code which can be redeemed later for the delicious chicken go cup the next time they go to KFC.

The process to carry out the survey is pretty simple and it would benefit both the customers and the fast food restaurant. The customers would be able to get a coupon which they will redeem and get a delicious meal of KFC free and the restaurant in return would be able to benefit from the valuable feedback of the customers which would help the restaurant improve its quality and customer satisfaction.

Eligibility for KFC Survey

There are certain things which need to be taken into consideration before taking part in the survey.

  1. Citizenship: To carry out the survey you must be a legal citizen of united states of America.
  2. Age Requirement: Your age should not be less than eighteen years to take part in the survey.
  3. Receipt Validity: A valid purchase receipt from your recent visit to the KFC is required and it should not be older than thirty days, the receipts older than thirty days won’t be acceptable.
  4. Language: The survey can be carried out in either English or Spanish, it’s important to have a basic understanding of either of these languages so the questions asked in the survey can be answered properly.
  5. Who cannot be a part of the survey: The employees of the fast food restaurant and immediate family members of the employees cannot take part in the survey.
  6. Internet Connection: A device accessible to internet with stable internet connection. 

Steps for mykfcexperience survey


Just follow these simple steps below and take a part in mykfcexperience survey.

    1. Valid Receipt: First of all, you will need a purchase receipt from a KFC outlet. The visit to the restaurant should not be more than thirty days as the receipt older than this time period will not be acceptable to take part in the survey.
    2. Once you have the receipt in your hand, grab the device accessible to internet, open the browser of your choice and go to to start the survey.
    3. Language Selection: Once you are on the main page, choose the language of your preference to proceed with the survey in that language.  
    4. KFC Survey Code: Now you will be required to put the survey code and time of the visit to KFC. All this will information will be provided on the receipt.
    5. KFC Survey Questions: After this you will be asked to answer a number of questions. It is very important for the fast food restaurant that the customers provide them with their honest feedback while answering the questions as it will help them improve their services and customer satisfaction. The KFC Survey questions that you will have to answer will be regarding the
        • Quality of the food
        • Overall experience at the restaurant
        • Delivery services
        • Behavior of the staff
        • Ambience of the restaurant in general
        • How long did it take to deliver the food
    6. Personal Information: Now that you have successfully answered all the questions you will be asked to provide your personal details such as your email address, phone number and name for future correspondence.
    7. Redeeming Coupon survey code: That’s it, now that you have provided all the information you will be given a KFC survey code, keep it safe and you will be able to use it the next time you visit KFC for a free chicken go cup.

Alternate method if the mykfcexperience survey code is not present

If you do not have the KFC survey code printed on your receipt, don’t worry, just tap on “click here” written next to “if you do not have the mykfcexperience survey code printed on your receipt” on the main page and you will be asked to provide the store number, date, time and receipt number all of which will be mentioned on your receipt. 

Objective of KFC Survey

 The primary objective of mykfcexperience survey on is to get honest feedback from the customers of KFC which would help the restaurant analyze the demands of the customers and makeup in the areas which the customers think they are lacking in.

Customer satisfaction has always been a priority of KFC and the KFC survey has been created to get familiar with the demands of the people they serve in depth. By completing the whole MyKFCexperience survey and answering all the questions, the participants will be able to get a coupon which can later be redeemed to get a free chicken go cup the next time they visit the restaurant.

About KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken)

The fast food restaurant opened in 1952 in Utah was founded by Mr. Colonel Harald Sanders. The use of chicken in the fast food and the hamburgers introduced got really good responses from the people and the company started growing on a very rapid rate and was later sold to group of investors in 1964 as Mr. Colonel Harald Sanders could not keep up with the fast expanding operations because of his old age. Mr. Herald’s became an iconic figure associated with the fast food chain and his image is still used for advertising.

KFC Menu Items

The main items on the menu of Kentucky Fried Chicken Includes:

  • Hot Wings
  • KFC Shrimp Burger
  • KFC Zinger Burger
  • Pancakes
  • Waffles
  • Chicken Nuggets

KFC’s customer Helpline

The customers can call the following number for all the inquires and complaints regarding KFC.