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If you have never been to Wendy’s, are you even allowed to call yourself a food lover? The fast food giant with its presence in 6500 plus locations worldwide is giving a hard time to its competitors with its mouthwatering products and being up to the par at satisfying the demands and cravings of its customers. The restaurant is always thriving to keep its customers satisfied and is conducting a survey named as TalktoWendys at 

By giving an honest feedback at about the products and the customer’s overall experience at the Wendy’s restaurant, you will have a chance to win

  • $500 dollars’ worth of monthly sweepstakes
  • The restaurant’s special Dave’s single fresh hamburger or sandwich.

Eligibility for Wendys Survey

    • Legal Citizenship: The individual taking part in the survey should be a legal citizen of United States of America, Canada or United Kingdom. 
    • Age Requirement: The age requirement for taking part in the survey is eighteen years and higher.
    • Who Cannot Take Part In The Survey: Immediate family members of the staff working at Wendy’s restaurant and the staff itself cannot take part in the survey.
    • Language: The survey is available in three languages, Spanish, English and French. You can complete the survey successfully only if you a firm group on any of these languages.
    • Validity Of The Receipt: There must be a recent purchase receipt from Wendy’s to take part in the survey. To ensure the validity of receipt the survey must be taken within 7 days of making the purchase from the restaurant.
    • Wendy’s Coupon Code: The coupon code rewarded cannot be redeemed as cash or cash equivalents. The coupon would be valid for 14 days and the next purchase from Wendy’s should be made within that period, however an extension up to thirty days can be made as well. Only one survey can be carried out with one receipt.
    • TalkToWendys Survey Online:  A device accessible to internet and a stable internet connection.
    • TalkToWendys Survey Offline Survey: An offline survey can also be carried out by using postal services however no coupons will be provided if this method is opted.

How to Enter Wendys Survey at


    • Starting The Survey: To start the survey open the browser of your choice on your laptop, PC or smartphone and go to .
    • Language: Select your preferred language to carry out the survey in the language of your choice.
    • Filling Out The Receipt Information: Now you will be asked to fill the information about date and time of your receipt and the restaurant number from which you made the purchase. All this information will be mentioned on your receipt, fill the relevant information and click start.
    • Location Of The Store: After filling out the receipt information, on the basis of “Yes” and “No” you will be asked to choose the location of the store you made the purchase from.
    • Type Of The Order: It’s time to choose the type of order now, you will be asked to choose the type of order you made, it could be a dine in if you chose to eat in the restaurant or take away if you decided to purchase the food from the drive thru.
    • Survey Questions: Now you will be asked to answer a couple of question which you will be expected to answer honestly, it is important for the restaurant to receive genuine feedback and you will be expected to answer all the questions unbiasedly. The questions asked will be related to:
      • quality of the food
      • the item you purchase frequently
      • when you visit the restaurant
      • the behavior of the staff
      • the time it takes for the order to get delivered
    • Other Information: You will then be asked to provide other information your gender, age and the email address for any future correspondence.
    • Redeeming The Coupon Code: After you have provided all this information you will get free coupon codes which can later be used the next to you go to Wendy’s.

Purpose of Wendys survey

The sole purpose of the survey is to get honest feedback from the customers which would help the restaurant analyze the areas in which the customers think they are lacking. It is very important for the restaurant that the customers who have visited Wendy’s provide them with genuine feedback without sugarcoating anything as only constructive criticism will help it overcome its shortcomings and provide the customer with full satisfaction.

Wendy’s understands that it will take a few minutes of the customer’s time to fill out the survey hence it is rewarding the customers in the form of coupons and sweepstakes for their valuable time.

About Wendy’s

Founded in 1969 by Dave Thomas, Wendy’s is now the world’s third biggest hamburger fast food chain with its presence in over 6500 locations. 353 of these locations are owned by the company whereas the rest are franchised. The main priority of Wendy’s is quality and therefore there is a very strict control on the quality of the food, menu and appearance of the store so it looks pleasing to the eyes.

The Wendy’s fast food chain has changed many slogans over the years with the current slogan being “We Got You”. The restaurant also sponsors a prestigious award given to high school athletics name “Wendy’s High School Heisman Memorial Trophy Award”.

Wendy’s Food Items

The notable menu items popular among the customers are:

  • Frosty
  • Baconator
  • Ciabatta Bacon Cheese Burger
  • Black Bean Burger
  • Dave’s
  • Bacon Mushroom Belt
  • Big Classic

Wendy’s Contact Number

For all the inquires, concerns and complaints you can contact Wendy’s on the below mentioned number.