TellTheBell – Enter Taco Bell Survey at to Win a Cash Prize of $500


Like lot of fast food restaurants out there TellTheBell survey of Taco Bell has also come up with the idea of carrying out customer survey to increase customer satisfaction, However, Taco Bell survey is a little unique from customer surveys being carried out by other fast food restaurants when it comes to receiving the rewards.

Most of the customer surveys carried out by the fast food restaurants give its customers either a free meal or a discount voucher upon the completion of the survey. But TellTheBell customer survey of Taco Bell took a little different approach and decided to give its customers a chance to win a cash prize of $500. Feels too good to be true, doesn’t it? Taco bell always thrives to give its customers the best experience and doesn’t mind giving away $500 to its customers in return of their honest feedback.

Tell The Bell Survey Eligibility

    • Age: You must be 18 years or older to take part in the TellTheBell survey.
    • Recent Receipt: You must have a recent receipt from Taco Bell to take part in the survey and it should not be too old.
    • Citizenship: The person taking out Taco Bell survey must be a legal citizen of United States of America.
    • Languages: The Taco Bell Survey can be carried out in two languages English and Spanish so it is important that you have a good grip on either of these languages to carry out the survey properly.
    • Internet is Must: You should have smart device like Mobile, Tablet, PC or Laptop accessible to internet and good internet connection to carry out the survey without any interference.
    • Not Eligible: The immediate family members of the staff or staff of the taco bell are not allowed to take part in the survey.

How To Enter TellTheBell Survey

The main purpose of this blog is to guide you in taking tellthebell survey at Here below are the steps mention that will helps you out in filling the survey easily and you will get a chance to to win the prize money of $500. Just follow the below mention steps

    • Open the browser of your choice and go to from your device.
    • Language: Select the language of your choice to carry out the survey in your preferred language.
    • Survey Code: On the main page you will be asked to enter the 16-digit survey code. The survey code will be mentioned on the top of your Taco Bell Receipt.
    • Rating the restaurant: Before answering the questions, you will be asked to rate the overall experience you have had with the restaurant.
    • Selecting the order: Now you will be asked to select the type of order, after selecting the right order you will be able to proceed further.
    • Answering the survey questions: Now you will have to answer a couple of questions which will help the restaurant to take concerns of its customers under consideration and help increase the customer satisfaction. The questions will vary from the:
        • “Please rate your satisfaction with your experience at this Taco Bell”, here you will be provided multiple options like, satisfied, highly satisfied, neither satisfied nor dissatisfied, dissatisfied, highly dissatisfied. Choose as you experience your last visit. Then Click “Next”.tellthebell customer survey
        • Then you will be asked for your Order Type choose your order type like Dine in, Drive thru or carry out choose your option and click on to the “Next” button.
        • Then in tellthebell survey you have to rate your overall satisfaction with the restaurant, its staff staff behavior, quality of food, Order accuracy, the portion size of your order, the speed of the service. Check the circles as as mention below and rate your experience at Taco Bell. Then click “Next”.tellthebell online survey
        • The next question will be “Do you experience a problem during your visit”. Here you have 2 option “Yes” and “No”, if you face ant problem answer “Yes” if you didn’t then simple click on circle “No” then click “Next”.tellthebell survey
        • Now if you are highly satisfied with Taco Bell survey, write some comments and notes if you thing they really have great services and restaurant. This is an optional step its up-to you if you want to write you can write other wise you can leave it empty.tell the bell survey
        • The Next of Taco Bell survey is “Did you purchase a hard shell taco” if you buy hard shell taco like beef, Doritos locos tacos the tick on “Yes” if you didn’t the tick on “No”. Then Click “Next” button to continue.tellthebell customer survey
        • Consider this step as the most important step of tellthebell survey as in this step you have to check for both things like You must be a legal resident of USA and your age must be 18 years old minimum. and you have been ask for “Would you like to enter our sweepstakes?”. Then choose the option if you are eligible for Taco Bell Survey.

taco bell cash prize of $500

    • Enter Your Details: After completing all the questions section now you have to add your details like First Name, Last Name, Phone Number and then click on “Next Button”. You information will not be used for other purpose its only used for taco bell survey.taco bell survey
    • Finish the Survey: Now you will be redirected to Thank You message window and now you are officially in the draw to win cash $500.

TellTheBell Survey Alternate Method 

Tell the bell survey alternate method if you dont have the survey code mentioned on the receipt:

  • If you don’t have the survey code mentioned on your receipt, tap on “click here” written next to “If you do not have a 16-digit survey code printed on your receipt”.
  • If you don’t have the survey code mentioned on your receipt then clicking on the link would take you to next page which will ask you to enter the date, time of your visit to taco bell when you got the receipt and store number. All this information will be mentioned on your receipt.

Purpose of TellTheBell Survey

The Sole purpose of this survey is to get a deep understanding of what the customers of the taco bell want and make the experience more delightful for them. Taco Bell wants all of its customers to provide them with accurate and genuine feedback because only genuine feedback will help the fast food restaurant identify what the customer wants and cater to their need accordingly.


About Taco Bell

The fast food restaurant inspired by Mexican food was founded by Glen bell in 1962 with one hotdog stand, it was later purchased by PepsiCo in 1972. With its presence around the world the restaurant serves a wide variety of Burritos, Tacos and chips with its signature food being tacos which is quite obvious from its name.

The burger named bell burger which later changed to bell beefer was also one of the signature items of the restaurant back in 1960s however this item was removed from the menu in 1980s because the restaurant wanted to keep the menu strictly inspired by the Mexican food. A clothing line was also launched in 2017 by Forever 21 in collaboration with Taco Bell selling sweatshirts and t- shirts.